Metal construction

Our goods and services

We offer different repairs, mechanical works and controls of process control:

  • engineering and project planning
  • ultrasound examination and 3D surveying with the most recent Leica Laser Tracer
  • metal construction
  • personnel procurement
  • installation and inspection of plant and equipment
  • development of technical specifications for the project
  • manufacturing and developing of metal constructions
  • Development of conceptual, technical design and operation documentation
  • Completion and delivery of equipment for ongoing operation
  • Installation and commissioning of the technical equipment
  • mobile milling of any complexity
  • adaptation of algorithms and creation of software systems
  • after sales projects
  • warranty and services
  • technical advise
  • development and maintenance of systems and plants

We also provide services for the outsourcing of production and production lines of any complexity.

Our aim is to increase the efficiency and to promote the dynamic development of production. Therefore there have to be solved the following problems of outsourcing:

  • optimization of the technical operations
  • Analysis of the technical condition of the equipment to prevent the emergence of dangerous situations
  • Procurement of components for old as well as for new plants
  • warranty of maintenances
  • routine repairs
  • Modernization of control systems and equipment

Scope of activities

  • mining
  • metal industry
  • food industry
  • refinery
  • nuclear industry
  • water supply industry
  • chemical industry
  • electrical industry

International attendance

We focus primarily on the development of an international network, where sales and services are promoted in the CIS states as well as abroad.

Our main quarter is located in Germany with some subsidiaries in Russia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine.

Our projects

We currently operate different steelworks in Russia (p.e. in Novokuznetsk), Kazakhstan (p.e. Temirtau) and in the Ukraine (Kriwoij Rog) under the terms of the contract for outsourcing.

Our technical outsourcing is solely for the efficiency and trouble-free operation of the production.

With more than 40 specialists based at the 5 locations in the CIS and the EU, we are always ready to solve any technically problems.


  • Seven Refractories
  • Calderys Deutschland GmbH
  • Arcelor Mittal Temirtau


  • +49 (0)2263 92844-33
  • Hammerwiese 21, 51766 Engelskirchen, Germany


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